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Container loading deck / platform

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    Container loading Deck / Container loading platform

    Loading capacity: 6tons, 8tons, 10tons, 12tons
    adjustable legs support
    electric control or manual control
    adjus height from 1.1m to 1.8m

Container loading Deck / Container loading platform is designed with load capacity 6-15 tons, making the goods loading and unloading easier from container by forklift,  is widely used in the wharf,the platform,warehouse and also according to the different needs of users, its dimension and load bearing can be customized.
--- It can be designed and produced according to customers' requirements. 
--- The ramp using the hydraulic pump as lifting power, and no need electric power source, can easily adjust the height by hand-cranked.
--- Adopting anti-slip checkered steel plate to guarantee good anti-slip performance of the platform
--- We use solid tyres instead of the pneumatic tyres which will be more safety and easy to control during operation, it will extend the tyres and the ramps service life.
--- Adopting imported sealing member to guarantee good sealing performance of the hydraulic system.
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